Don’t feel guilty for feeling bad


(a few lines for myself)


I know: they say we should be grateful everyday.


But it’s not possible to be happy all the time.

Sometimes nothing feels right.

Sometimes depression decides to have dinner with you.


Face to face.


And to make matters even more romantic, anger shows up as well.


But you don’t have to pretend you like it when things go totally wrong and you feel like crap.


It’s not your duty to look in control either.

All that matters is how you can ease the pain without causing more harm:

– if kicking a hole in the door gives you a release, go ahead.

– if yelling in the garden gives you a release, so be it.

– if raiding the fridge for cheese-cake is what it takes to loosen up: be my guest.


I guess my only point is:

Please don’t feel guilty for feeling bad.


How about being your own friend, instead?   :)



  • Nicolas

    Hi Gael.
    Great post, as usually!! :-D I should take this advice for me as well – see you wrote “note for myself”, so thanks for sharing your own little voice!
    You read so much around that you need to be happy all the time – who am I kidding, my blog is about this – but it is totally true that sometimes you just have to face your bad mood, take it, accept it and “wait for it to go away”. Accepting things as they are usually brings much more benefits at the end.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      I came to accept my dark side (for lack of a better option) but I need motivational speaker like Robbins to step out of the tunnel! thanks for commenting, Nicolas