The meditation scam


Most of us started meditating for the wrong reasons, and fortunately, we missed our goals. We wanted to levitate and read into people's mind like an indian yogi, so we spent hours on a cushion, … [Read more...]

How to crush anxiety


I've just spent a few days in a Buddhist retreat center with the coolest human beings on earth. I'm calling them cool because these guys are nice to be around and also because making them mad is … [Read more...]

With C.B. Forrest


I recently met Chris Forrest online, our conversations made me instantly feel at home. Chris is a novelist, and a man who digs beneath the surface of things to find the meaning of humans quest. I like … [Read more...]

Judging? For what?

Photo under Common Creative license: Joshua Kehn

When given a choice between judging someone and understanding them, we often choose to judge because it's easier, and more socially comforting. I'm 100% guilty of opting for that, with others, … [Read more...]