• http://www.edgeynotes.com Sam Edge (@Edgeyy66)

    Great words Man – sometimes the answer it there is no answer we just gotta ride out the storm and embrace it. Love your post bro!

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Thanks Sam, actually I almost called my post: “riding the wave” :)

  • http://www.glynisj.com Glynis Jolly

    Very good advice. I have also found that within that frustration, there may be a pausable answer to the problem that is making you feel so retched.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      @Glynis: Yes, I believe you get feedback from within, even if this feedback takes the appearance of horrible feelings. But taking a real good look inside is scary!

  • http://davidmashton.blogspot.com David Ashton

    Great advice! When I start to feel uncomfortable it’s usually because I’m avoiding something important. Somebody said “follow the fear”.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      “Follow the fear”, will contemplate that. Thanks :)