Free and homeless: the experiment – part 1


 A month ago I decided to stop having a day job and begin the life I really wanted.
I gave back my apartment and hit the road. This is the first post of  my experiment living a free, homeless life focused on exploring spirituality and growing the roots of happiness.
I’ll post on this travel diary once a week. For 6 months.

The news fell, eventually: my company had filed bankruptcy.

I had just lost my job.

I had been doing well professionally for 4 years, but my luck had run out. I was officially unemployed, and if I wanted to keep up the same lifestyle, I would have to find another job.


Probably a “day job”.

9 to 5 and all.

Another office, with Ikea furniture…A coffee machine, colleagues around it, gossiping about people I don’t even know.

With a bit of luck my desk window would have a view that I could enjoy.


Hollow meetings, bullshit corporate talk. Making sure that I look OK, that I look INTERESTED.

When I don’t give a damn.

I couldn’t swallow that idea anymore, knowing that I was:


At least I was sure that I was getting older, with or without a job.

Time passes, and it doesn’t care if you live a fulfilling life or if you just show up at work everyday to do something you dislike.

What about what I really liked?

What about discovering the world, meditating, learning spirituality

What about traveling places with my girlfriend?

Time was seriously running out (I’m 39). I decided not to let it run without me.

I turned down all the new job offers.

I gave back the keys to my apartment.

I decided it was time to live the life I wanted.

And I left.


As I write these lines, I’m in the middle of an experiment that I started a few weeks ago.

After saying goodbye to all my good friends in France (I’m French, BTW, if you’d like to know more about me please check it out here), I bought a plane ticket to Guatemala.

I made a deliberate choice to go to a place I’ve never been before.

I’m now free and homeless. I’m not poor though. I’ll tell you how I manage on a homeless budget soon :)

The following posts will be about my first steps in Latin America, beginning with a meditation retreat with Lama Ole Nyhdal.

I’d be happy to stay in touch with you, if that’s also what you want:

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Thanks :)


  • Jelle

    Found this blog through your post on Reddit – I’ve subscribed through RSS. Looking forward to your next posts!

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Hey Jelle, thanks for reaching out :)
      I’m glad to update you on this trip, which so far has been very positive. I’m in Guatemala, going to Antigua today, wish me well…
      Let’s stay in touch

  • sandra molina

    Gael he quedado fascinada de tus palabras, la sencillez y la simpleza de como has tomado decisiones importantes en tu vida…. que regalo de la vida el haberte conocido… que tu camino siempre sea lleno de cosas lindas para compartir…

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Gracias por tus palabras. Espero que este blog pueda beneficiar a la gente. Esa es mi intencion.

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  • harrymonmouth

    I have been considering this myself. I have been thinking that when there is the ability to carry your entire music collection in your pocket and an entire library with all your work tools in a bag then why tie myself down to a house that will simply encourage me to accumulate physical possessions that I do not actually have all that much use for.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Thanks for sharing, Harry :)
      What about now, at the age of digitalization, you still up to travelling?

  • Anamaria.

    It’s so beutifull your decition how to do only what you want,and help people at the same time.Also you have a marvelous girl with you.I know your page will have many followers as me.Whishing you the best of everything.Don’t forget you have a home here. AnaMaria.


    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Thank you for your kind words, Anamaria. See you soon in San Salvador.