5 things to enjoy when you’re totally broke


“When you have a spiritual foundation, you look at poverty differently then.” – Dennis Banks


Most people I know are broke.


Employees, free-lancers, even CEOs… All broke. The economic downturn is strangling most countries in Europe now.

I’m strapped too. It’s so bad that the bank has started charging me money for not having enough money  (as Louis CK would put it).


I’ll bounce back, I’m confident, and you will too, if you’re in the same situation.

In the meantime, while crossing the valley of scarcity, how about we make the best out of this unfortunate ride?

Here are 5 major resources to enjoy while you’re struggling financially:


Her (Him)

Having no money strips you off of everything: car, iPad, fancy boxers…

Everything has gone on eBay. Everything except yourself.

There’s only you left, so if your girlfriend says she loves you, she probably means it.

She’s obviously not in it for your bucks. At least, extreme poverty gave you the ultimate validation that you found true love.

Isn’t that nice?

Enjoy that privilege while you’re still bankrupt, though, because when you’re rich again, you’ll never know who’s telling you the truth.










OK, here’s more extraordinary things to enjoy while you’re about to go spend the night under a bridge:


Cheap Oriental Stuff

1 – Yoga

Yoga comes from a country were they know what broke means.
Some Yogis have abandoned everything. Except Yoga.


Yoga can be your best physical and mental saver, yet, it takes only three things:

  1. Yourself
  2. A mat
  3. Time

If you’re poor, these three are all you have left, why not enjoy them?
Take your time, stretch, breathe…You might be experiencing the richest spiritual time of your life.

2 – Chinese noodles

Unbeatable. Timeless. And a total health hazard.


Chinese noodles are postapocalyptic food, but like roaches: they’re here to stay.



They’re nasty grade Z wheat filament sold with two bags full of…whatever, it’s disgusting, but they taste pretty great anyway. Try to get tired of them, it’s nearly impossible.


Sometimes the package reads that they’re “a great treat when eaten crispy“, you don’t even need water and a stove!

And at 69 cts a pack, you got yourself an awesome companion for rough times.


Speaking of time:



Rich executives don’t have the time.

Taxis don’t have a minute either.

I’ve even seen busy modern Grand-Parents :-(


If rarity defines the value of something, then time is the most expensive thing in developed countries.


But you have time, don’t you?

When you’re jobless, you might be broke as hell, but you have of all the time you didn’t spend at the office.


Would you rather be sorry for yourself or enjoy the freedom to read a book, walk, meditate or design your future awesome business?


And how about spending some of that time with:


Your real friends?

As I said previously in “5 Things you have to do when your life turns to shit”, going through financial difficulties cleans your address book of all the people that you called friends but were just useless place-holders.

If you go penniless, solitude kicks in: that means less people. Much less.

You’ll start touching the bone of your network, the fluff is gone, but the people that stay can now be called friends.

Once again, remember that this sordid period of misery is the only way to identify actual buddies, you might not get a second chance!



So…In the end, what will be left in your life, now that money and glamour can’t be expected from you?

Usually not more than:

– Two real friends

– A spiritual practice

– A real partner (if you’re lucky).

And, if you remember that broke is only temporary, a great new project to bootstrap and become wealthy again :)



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  • http://maverickmotomedia.com Lance

    the upside of not having enough money to buy food is that the last 15 pounds that I want to lose will come off easily!

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Thanks, I forgot this one!

  • http://www.youeverysecond.com/ Nicolas

    I live in Spain so with 25% of people unemployed, I think this is some wisdom that should be shared more widely! Great article. Home it will remind some people that money is not important; but the rest (life partner, friends, …) is.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      “Hope it will remind some people that money is not important; but the rest (life partner, friends, …) is.”

      Exactly, money’s meant to support your life, not the other way around. Yet the balance between more money or more life is always fluctuating…

      Thanks, Nicolas :)

  • http://www.glynisj.com Glynis Jolly

    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I understand people who can’t face the struggles of today’s economy. I wonder what they really want and if they have any idea of what they already have.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      Glynis –
      to me, that’s probably a matter of balance: nagging about the economy because you can’t afford a 2nd iPad sounds complacent. On the other hand, actually cutting down on food for lack of money looks like a serious reason to worry.
      I’ve been in that place.
      What do you think?

  • http://www.glynisj.com Glynis Jolly

    Going without food is serious. However, many people seem to have their priorities screwed up. So that they don’t have to give up the ipad they have, they will go without eating. I don’t know where you like, but here in the US, there are all sorts of government programs so that you don’t have to go without the necessities.

    • Gaël Blanchemain

      I live in France, and here also there are programs for people in dire straits, but they don’t really solve problems. They merely provide a temporary relief. I agree with you in the fact that a lot of people end up in critical situations for lack of understanding and education (which both determine one’s priorities).